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Home Owners For Justice does not do loan modifications. 
However, borrowers may find the following information useful.

Additional Advice
  - ALWAYS insist on Full Disclosure of the loan modification company charges.
  - ALWAYS insist on an 'Itemized List of Fees' as full disclosure when the Servicer adds "Additional Fees" to your principal balance. Without an itemized list, how can the additional debt you "owe" be verified?  It can't.  Send a Qualified Written Request (strategy #2 on Foreclosure Defense) to force the Servicer to itemize your costs and verify who actually is the owner of your loan.   Remember CA SB900 requires all foreclosures to be based on "competent and reliable evidence."  If this evidence is not available, the Lender, Servicer and Foreclosure Trustee can be sued for "material" violation.

Banks Still Cheating on Loan Mods


Does FANNIE MAE Own your Loan? 
Check it out
Does FREDDIE MAC Own Your Loan?  Check it out

Get free loan modification help with HUD:  1-800-569-4287
National website:
California website:

Don't get scammed by loan modifiers on this list of perpetrators:
Desist & Refrain Orders for Loan Modification Activities

LOAN MODS:  By the way, did you realize that Servicers have little or no legal authority to modify the loans they securitized based on the terms of that Mortgage Backed Security's (MBS) Pooling and Servicing Agreement?  Interestingly, the principal reduction now being offered to borrowers for these securitized loans, will be paid for by the Investors of the MBSs, NOT the Servicers.  Please remember that Pension Funds were big investors in these MBSs.  So Pension Funds will take the principal reduction hit, not the Banks. 

This is one reason why the Attorney General Bank Settlement is referred to in the industry as the Bank Relief Settlement...  another reason this settlement is a relief for the Banks, is that the Servicers are not being sued by the 50 AGs for 100M counts of fraud and racketeering for their conspiratorial activity that filled our county recorder offices with faked and fraudulent documents, but instead is dismissively referred to as "robo-signing".   

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