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11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27: Weekly Foreclosure Conference Call
    Tuesdays, 11a-Noon, Pacific Time  [click link to sign up]
    Keep up with Solutions to Stop Foreclosures Activity
    Sponsored by Inter-Occupy.  CJ will be on the call.

11/8:  How Recorders Can Get a "De facto Foreclosure Moratorium"
      Presentation by John O'Brien
      Q&A1 with John
      Q&A2 with Kevin and later
    Meet with John O'Brien, MA Registrar, & Kevin Harvey, Key Aide
    John Requires Affidavit of Authority for Robosigned Documents   
John's 3 minutes on Fraud [video]

    Nancy Becker, PA Registrar, Quiet Title Against MERS  Lawsuit
    Jeff Thigpen, NC Registrar, Lawsuit Against Robosigned Docs

    Forged Documents:  Forged VP Signature   Forged Notary Signature



CJ Holmes
Home Owners For Justice
Ph: 707-583-9497  -  Fax: 707-244-4332

Santa Rosa, CA


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