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Jan 15, 2013 Livestream - Money in Politics Corruption

Foreclosure Crisis Overview - 1page
Foreclosure Collage

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List of Frauds Used to Illegally take our Homes

This Foreclosure Crisis is actually the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.  It has been planned by bank insiders for decades, and NONE of these insiders in the United States have been prosecuted. [
as they have been prosecuted in Iceland]   And note how Iceland SOLVED their crisis to the benefit of the people, NOT the banksters nor government officials that colluded with the banksters.

This incredible theft of the people's wealth could not have occurred without the corrupt collusion and revolving door of Federal Government employment.  Greed for profits has led Fannie, Freddie, the Banks and their attorneys, to lie to investors, insurers, the IRS, the Government and forge foreclosure documents, all 'sins of commission', with former bank attorneys inside the DOJ now refusing to prosecute bank fraud, the 'sin of omission.'  We, the taxpayers, have lost out. 

In the end, until the People rise up to demand prosecution of bank and attorney fraud, and fire corrupt government officials that collude with the mega-banks and the Federal Reserve, we will continue to lose our real estate to corporate owners for 'their American Dream' - while 'our American Dream' dies out, along with our jobs and economy.

June 25: At the Capitol - Stealing Our Homes with Forgery

Ruining us, our planet, and our food supply with Gov/Military Weather Engineering

The FIX is in - why the People haven't gotten Justice for years
Nov 2011:  Paulson lies to Congress but tells Hedge Funds about Fannie Rescue

This is not Republican or Democrat - but The People vs Government/Bank Cartel.
Which side are you on?  Which side are your elected officials on??  Find out.

1.   Why they Won't Prosecute the Big Fish
2.   Big Bank Fraud caused the Financial Crisis & Foreclosure Pandemic
3.   Official Federal Policy is to Not Prosecute Fraud  [deferred prosecutions]
     [Bank Fraud-No Prosecution] [DOJ prosecutes Moms/Pops, not Fat Cat Mozillo]
4.   Top Justice Officials are Connected to Banks
5.   Entire Gov't Strategy is to Cover Up Fraud They Created the Conditions For
6.   Fannie & Freddie Helped Create Epidemic of Mortgage Fraud
7.   Settling Prosecutions for Pennies on the Dollar is type of Bank Bailout
8.   MERS Role in the Foreclosure Mess  [Covington & Burling MERS legal opinion]
9.   Same Person Forged Billions worth of Mortgage Docs for BofA, Wells, USBank...
10. Are ALL Mortgage Backed Securities a Scam?
11. Lawsuit alleges MERS owes California $60B-$120B in Recording Fees
12. Justice Department Plays Fast and Loose with the Law
13. Banks Run Congress
14. JP Morgan's Connections to House Finance Committee

And these are their Names: 

Jim Johnson, corrupt CEO of Fannie Mae; on Goldman Sachs Board of Directors
     Reckless Endangerment, by Gretchen Morgenson, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

Barack Obama, US President
, FRONTLINE Money-Power-Wall St, [3rd hr, min 15]
"How the Greed of Wall Street and Government Corruption Broke Main Street"
Mar 15, 2009 meeting with bank CEOs, the President, Sommers, Geithner 
   Penny Pritzker - large Obama bundler and involved in Subprime Mortgage Crisis
   Valerie Jarrett - advisor to President Obama

Edward Demarco, worked for Jim at Fannie; director FHFA, over Fannie & Freddie
Tom Donilon, conspired with Jim to corrupt Fannie; National Security Advisor
Tim Geithner, worked for Jim at Fannie; US Secretary of the Treasury
      Geithner complicit in Lehman accounting fraud
Eric Holder, worked at Covington & Burling; US Attorney General, DOJ
Lanny Breuner, worked at Covington & Burling; Asst US Attorney General, DOJ

Pite Duncan 'Foreclosure Mill' Attorney Firmforged doc  forged doc
Pite Duncan is STILL an Attorney-in-Fact for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  So Fannie & Freddie are co-conspirators, and I also have evidence they hide clouds on title in the preliminary title reports they issue when selling foreclosures.  These forged documents that Pite Duncan created were mailed to recorder offices and were and still are being used to fraudulently foreclose on peoples' homes.

List of known forged names  Robosigning Guide & List  Another List  If these people are known, why aren't they being prosecuted as front page news??


JOIN CJ to Stop Foreclosures, Prosecute Forgers, Get Restitution for People

CJ will meet with anyone, anytime, anywhere as possible to help stop foreclosures.
CJ offers Foreclosure Teach-Ins and Citizen's Fraud Investigation Training.
Please call (707) 578-5727 or email to make arrangements.

June 14, 2012:  TV Teach-In with Ukiah Occupy:  CJ & Charlie Vaughn

Mar 2012: Occupy Groups from Sacramento to Merced Foreclosure Forum
             CJ Holmes, Presenter
Feb 20, 2012 : Foreclosure Teach-In Berkeley: Part 1 [overheads]
2/20/12: Foreclosure Teach-In Berkeley: Part 2

KZYX - Foreclosure Crisis - 1/13/12 John Coate, Tim Nonn, CJ Holmes
KBBF - Foreclosure Menace - 1/29/12 Daniel Kerbein, CJ Holmes, Tiffany Renee
Petaluma City Council - 2/4/12 Foreclosure Prevention Zone Resolution Effort

I.  Crime of the Century
    "Fraudclosure" & Government Corruption
     Lost Tax Revenues - California County List [p7]

California is among the hardest hit states with up to 2M foreclosures projected by the end of 2012.  Each weekday, thousands of Californians lose their homes to "fraud-closure" as banks must commit fraud to foreclose a securitized loan


Committing fraud to take someone's home is grand theft.  Pocketing the proceeds for themselves (the banks) is a huge insurance scam.  In the process, ruining tax revenues for our cities, counties and states, is creating a true mess of people's lives and our economy.

We must unite now to change our laws to protect home owners, our communities, and our economy.

II.  A Cry for Justice
     Homeowners Demand Real Solutions not Backroom Deals
      One-Page Crisis Summary & Action Plan
      Foreclosure Crisis - Home Owner State of the Union

Foreclosure fraud sits in our County Deeds offices as proven above in the Pite Duncan forgeries, and by Independent Audits done in San Francisco and Massachusetts.  Please print, sign and submit the Recorder letter or Registrar of Deeds letter to your County Deeds Office to request an Audit.  Please print, sign and submit the District Attorney letter to your County District Attorney, requesting a foreclosure fraud investigation.   

CJ Holmes
Home Owners For Justice
Ph: 707-583-9497  -  Fax: 707-244-4332

Santa Rosa, CA


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