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William K. Black Testimony:  10,000 felonies a month
The elite are aided by our officials to continue this crime.  Get outraged with me.
Here is LPS's DocX "Suspicious Document Creation" Price List

Jan 24, 2013 Livestream - Get False Docs off the Record
Jan 17, 2013 Livestream - Restitution for Forged Documents
Jan 08, 2013 Livestream - Forged Documents Continued
Jan 07, 2013 Livestream - Forged Document Discussion

Jack Wright's List of FRAUDS used to Illegally take our Homes

The whole point of this effort is to give leverage to owners on a wholesale basis.  Exactly how owners can use this information is being clarified daily.  CHECK OUR
RECORDERS OFFICES webpage for the latest effort to stop forged instruments being filed on our homes. 

Each of the signers in the list below can be personally and individually held liable for this forgery.  We are still drafting these "boilerplate complaints for each name with forged signatures" which everyone can freely use for their filings.  I've been told that when RECONTRUST is required to produce a notary log, none of the notaries put in a driver's license number.... 

THIS IS FORGERY.  Each COMPANY and each INDIVIDUAL are liable under the Penal Code 115.
Let's focus on the notaries - notary fraud indicates true conspiracy to steal our real estate.

CA Penal Code Section 115: 
(a) Every Person who knowingly procures or offers any false or forged instrument to be filed, registered, or recorded in any public office within this state, which instrument, if genuine, might be filed, registered, or recorded under any law of
this state or of the United States, is guilty of a felony.
(b) Each instrument which is procured or offered to be filed, registered, or recorded in violation of subdivision (a) shall constitute a separate violation of this section.
(c) …
(d) For purposes of prosecution under this section, each act of procurement or of offering a false or forged instrument to be filed, registered, or recorded shall be considered a separately punishable offense.

McConnell Known Robosigners for Affidavits from O'Brien's Office
Another List  Another List
Fair Debt Collections Act
Mar 2012:  Robostamped:  Deposition of M. Sjolander, Exec VP, Countrywide.  All her signatures coming out of RECONTRUST are forged.  Recontrust is a bank, and wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America. 



Besides the forgeries documented below, which you are welcome to print as evidence for your needs, here is the MERS Certifying  Officers rule book.  Note that Loryn Stone and T. Sevillano (forgeries below) ALSO broke MERS rules by signing for several Companies on the same day, which even MERS does not allow....  we just have to catch them and use this fraud to save our homes and our neighbors' homes.

This list will be constantly updated.  When you print your documents at the recorder's office, please fax to 707-578-5873 (or scan and email to your Assignments, Trustee Substitutions, Notices of Default, and Notices of Sale to our office to build our Master List to help as many as possible nationwide to save their homes.

Some say "forgery" cannot be proved without having the original signature of the person with which to compare.  I believe collecting multiple different signatures of the same name used on recorded documents, as done below, is proof that none of them can be trusted and it may never be possible to get an "original" signature.  Many of these names were created without true persons.

Notary Signatures are on file at the county, which you CAN get by asking for it, probably from the notary bonds company.  Then you could prove forgery on the notary signature if it is different from the file signature.  However, with different signatures on the same notary seal, regardless of file signature, this indicates fraud.

Get your recorded documents from the Recorder's office.  Then fill out the spreadsheet with the facts requested.  Then you will quickly see who signed what, when and what notaries are involved.  Check this list, and send us your docs so we can collect all the different signature samples in one place.  Working together, we'll all help each other.

Editable Spreadsheet for Document Analysis 
video: Analyzing Recorded Documents Workshop

Example: Compared Signer Signatures
Example: Compared Notary Signatures

Other Illegalities:
Notary may not work for any Entity on the document at time of notarization.
Notary may not notarize after commission has expired or been revoked.
All MERS Officers are employees of the Bank when assigning interests to the Bank.

Real signatures are found on oaths, driver's licenses, and deeds of trust. 
Journal Entries are not necessarily real signatures. 

anda Kelly
A Montealegre - NOTARY
Ahmed Afzal - NOTARY 031413  Notarized T Sevillano, bond paid out.
Amy Cox

Amy Gott
Angelica A. Ortiz - NOTARY 031413  Notarized Loryn Stone, etc.
Angelica Medina
Araya Dhanaspoon
Athena Salone - NOTARY
Ben Peck 031413
BJ Anderson - NOTARY
Bonnie Dawson - NOTARY  031413
Brad Wood - NOTARY
Brandon Breshears - different sigs
Brandon Breshears, Hetal Nepal swap as NOTARIES, signers
Brian Burnett
Bryan J. Bly - NOTARY
Bud Kamyabi
Carina Centieno
Carmen L. Morse - NOTARY
Champagne Williams
Chester Levings
Chet Sconyers - different sigs on same property
China Brown
Chris Jones
Christina Balandran 031413
Christy Tadlock

Christopher Herrera
Christopher Jones - NOTARY
CM Frazier - NOTARY 031413 Notarized different sigs for Loryn Stone.
Colleen Irby
Colleen Mara Ashley - NOTARY
Crystal Moore
David A. Davis - NOTARY
David Hollingsworth

Dean McDanel - NOTARY
Deborah Beard - NOTARY 030413 Notarized four diff sigs of Dominique Johnson
Deborah Brignac - first 3 sigs on same property

Deborah Schwartz
Dee Ann Westfall Cortez
Denise Marvel
Derek Wear-Renee
Diana Nizzi
Dominique Johnson 030413 
Elizabeth Hernandez - NOTARY
Emmanuel Oluwole Adetula - NOTARY 031413  Notarized Loryn Stone, with blank name.
Erica Gonzalez - NOTARY
Erica Johnson-Seck
Erica Paul
Eric Miles - NOTARY 031413  Notarized Loryn Stone.
Evette Ohanian - NOTARY
Gaby Ospino

George Pinedo - NOTARY
Geraldine Johnson
Gloria Jones
Helen P. Tubbs - NOTARY
Hetal Patel - NOTARY
Ingrid Whitty
Ira D. Brown - NOTARY
Irene Guerrero - NOTARY 031413 
Irma Garay 031413
Jalonn Lennox
James Tolliver

Jane Martorana 031413
Jane Mullen
Jasmine McLean
Jauhar Shuaib
JC San Pedro
Jeanine Hoffman - NOTARY 031413 Notarized forged Loryn Stone, etc
Jennifer Payne
Jeremy Briggs
Joan Knox - NOTARY
Jon Secrist - NOTARY  031413
 Bond paid out.
Joyce Copeland
Karen Krajci - NOTARY 031413  Notarized Loryn Stone
Karla Sanchez 031413
Kathy Repka

Kelly T. Cunningham
Kenny Villavicencio - NOTARY  Notarized T. Sevillano
Kevin Prieshoff
Kevin Rudolph 031413  
K. Mercado - NOTARY 031413  Notarized Loryn Stone
Kristi Reese - NOTARY
Kristin Tyler
Larisa Post
Lisa Hill
Loryn Stone 031413  Many sigs, many notaries
Loryn Stone - same day - BofA, Countrywide, BofNY, MERS
Loryn Stone - different sigs notarized on same day by Jeanine Hoffman
Loucinah Mansourian
Luis Roldan
Malik Basurto 031413

Marcia Orland - NOTARY
Mark Bischof - NOTARY 031413
Mary Jo McGowan
Melissa Carroll
Melissa Hayes
Melissa Myers
Melissa Riley
Melissa Wagner
Michael Jedynak
Michael Murphy
Michele Rice
Michelle Chavarria
Michelle Nguyen - NOTARY 031413 Notarized Karla Sanchez, etc
Mirna Linares 031413
Monica Chavez
Monica Gonzalez 031413
Nallely Ochoa-Flores 030413
Nichole Clavadetcher 031413
Nicole Larson
Ninoush Samimi - NOTARY 031413 Notarized Loryn Stone, etc
Norma Rojas
Octavia M Hegwood
Pamela Pederson
Pamela Troxell - NOTARY
Pamela Wilcher - NOTARY
Patricia Nolan Hoffman

Patrick de Jesus  030813
Paul Barrett
Ramon Olivas - NOTARY
Randy LaDon Potts - NOTARY
Randy Middleton
Renee Friedman

Renita Holland - NOTARY
Rhondessa Cormier

Rhondessa Cormier different sigs notarized by Holly Sanchez
Rhondessa Cormier - NOTARY
Ric Juarez 031413    Lawsuit naming Ric Juarez
Rick Wilkin - Attorney-in-Fact
RJ Greear - NOTARY 031413  Notarized T Sevillano, etc.
Robert Caruso

Sandy Broughton
Sean Boyd - NOTARY
Shane Russell McCaslin

Shannon Blizzard
Shannon Steeg - NOTARY 031413. Notarized diff sigs of Malik Basurto, etc.
Sharon Hutson - NOTARY
Sierrie Harradura - NOTARY
Stephen Broviak
Stephen C Porter 031413
Stephen Michael Wegman - NOTARY
Suchan Murray 050313
Sunita Narayanan
Susan L. Meyers - NOTARY 031413  Notarized Susan Smothers, etc.
Susan Smothers 031413
Swarupa Slee

Tamara Williams
Tammy Denson
TC Escher
Thomas Strain
Tina Jones
Tina LeRaybaud
Travis Miller
T Sevillano 031413 Many notarized versions don't match journal entry.
T Sevillano - same day - Wells, Homes123, BofNY and different sigs
Valerie Robles
Vivian Prieto
Wendy Albertson Al-Hammadi - NOTARY
Wendy McLaughlin
Wendy Perry
Wendy Randall


CJ Holmes
Home Owners For Justice
Ph: 707-583-9497  -  Fax: 707-244-4332

Santa Rosa, CA


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